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When you need a new garage door installation, you want it done right the first time. Here at Patriot Garage Door in Santa Clarita, CA we know how important it is for you to feel like your vehicle is housed in a secure structure.

Whether your garage is newly built or you’re looking for a replacement garage door, we can install a beautiful and functional door for you quickly and economically.

Garage Door Installation

Choose what you want from a variety of styles and we’ll do the rest for your garage door replacement or installation.

If you aren’t sure which style is right for you, feel free to get in touch with us and tell us about your needs and concerns regarding garage door installation and we can help you decide.

Garage Door installation

This is the most commonly seen style of garage door in residential settings. Sectional garage doors are preferred by many Santa Clarita, CA homeowners because they are easy to use, require little ceiling clearance space and are low maintenance.

With a sectional garage door, multiple panels roll up into the ceiling of your garage. While they are often made of steel, there are other styles and materials available as well.

Full view sectional garage doors are a striking choice that give your home a modern, industrial look and can look especially good in a contemporary setting. At the other end of the spectrum is the carriage style, which looks like an old-fashioned barn door.

These vintage-looking doors also come in Victorian and Spanish styles among others. You may also want to choose between short and long panels as well as whether or not you would like for your garage door to be insulated. This can mean a significant reduction of heat loss in the winter.


A good commercial garage door can be crucial in protecting your assets as well as the vehicles of your customers and employees. A number of different solutions are available for commercial garage door installation.

Full view aluminium door look light and attractive and can be a good choice for trendy locations as well as in more traditional settings such as car dealerships and repair shops or fire stations.

Another choice is the rolling steel door, which can keep goods securely stored behind a minimalist, functional barrier although open air models can also be an option with these.

If durability is important and your business is a high-traffic one, such as a warehouse or a loading dock, you may want to opt for an industrial ribbed steel door.


If you are looking for a garage door replacement or installation and you don’t have a lot of ceiling space in your garage, a roll-up garage door can be a good choice. This has a clean, no-frills look about it and is generally very low-maintenance.

You may be more familiar with it as something you often see in commercial settings, but these doors are attractive additions in residential settings as well. Another advantage to roll-up garage doors is their durability.

In addition, you do not need as much clearance space for your vehicle as you might with some other types of doors. Because these are fairly basic models, they are not as customizable as other types, but if this is not a priority for you and something that is plain and easily-operated works for your needs, a roll-up garage door can do the job.


Many people prefer steel to wood because it is more durable, but if you prefer the look of wood, this can also be an excellent choice, particularly if the rest of your home is wooden or you are going for a vintage look.

You can get carriage-style doors in wood or a number of other different styles, and they may be operated manually or automatically. Durability may be less of a concern to homeowners in Santa Clarita because garage doors are generally not subject to the challenging weather conditions that you might face in colder parts of the country that would wear wood down more quickly.

These are heavy doors that cannot be easily damaged, and they offer a number of customization options in terms of color and staining.

There is a real warmth to wood doors that simply cannot be achieved by any other material, and this makes it an attractive choice for a garage door installation. Because of this, it may also drive up your curb appeal and the overall value of your property, particularly important if you are considering selling in a few years.

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