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Think of garage door openers as the key to your home, and if the device goes wrong, you have a dangerous problem. Losing your garage doors opener may also leave you wondering how to address the problem.

How to Deal with a Lost or Stolen Garage Door Opener

First, delete the remote from the memory and reset your opener’s code. Most homeowners will keep a spare opener on hand if one goes missing. From erasing the memory and resetting the code, you keep the old garage door opener from working. That action protects you in case someone with bad intentions has stolen your garage door opener.

You could think of this in the same way that you might think of changing the locks on your door. Especially since the garage door classifies as the biggest door on the home, you can’t afford to leave it unprotected.

What Happens if You Find the Remote at a Later Date?

Let’s say that you happen to find the remote slightly later than expected. If this were to happen, you can simply re-program it for the garage. You could also turn it into a spare remote since it doesn’t matter too much which opener you use.

What to Do if You Don’t Have a Remote?

Perhaps you don’t have a spare remote to open the garage door after losing the opener. Luckily, you can open the garage door manually.

Safety Precautions to Follow

Before you try this, follow the safety precautions because garage doors have the potential to be dangerous. First, disconnect the power cord. You want to do this before you attempt to open the garage door manually and ensure that no electrical currents will run through you as you open it.

Next, don’t try to open a damaged garage door. You should call a professional instead because garage doors have killed or maimed people who didn’t know how to handle them properly. Even broken glass on the garage door could prove dangerous since it has the potential to fall on you. Instead, contact Garage Door Repair Santa Clarita for expert assistance.

You will want to read the manual as well because you don’t want to miss crucial information.

Opening the Garage Door Manually

To start, you will want to check the safety precautions, but once you have done that, check the springs and cables. Make sure that they remain intact. Important to note, never work on this part of the garage door by yourself because of the dangers associated with it. You could end up hurting the garage door more in the process.

Once you have checked to see no serious problems exist, you can pull the emergency cord. The cord will have a red handle on it in most cases. Most people find it hanging from the center of the garage door, and you may need to use a ladder to reach it.

After pulling the cord, the lever will lock into the downward position. This disengages the lever to open the garage door. The lever releasing will allow you to open the garage door without a problem. Let’s say that the garage door still doesn’t lift off the ground. For cases like that, you may want to speak with a professional. After you drive the car into the garage, you may want to re-engage the lever to secure the garage door.

When to Replace Your Garage Door Opener Remote

Not everyone has a spare garage door opener remote. Because of that, they should plan ahead and learn to look for the signs of when they might want to replace their remote. The first and most obvious time to replace your remote would be when it breaks.

How long a garage door opener lasts will depend on how well you treat your opener, but frequent use will also cause it to break down before its time. Faulty components could cause it to work incorrectly. Keep in mind, if it has manufacturer’s issues, you can often call the manufacturer to have it replaced for a free replacement.

In some cases, check to see if your garage door opener simply needs new batteries. They will usually last for about two years before you need to replace them.

Most remotes use a 1.5-alkaline battery, and you need to replace it every two years. Luckily, replacing the batteries are fairly simple, and you may find it easier to keep a spare on hand so that it doesn’t interfere with your opening and closing of the garage door.

Getting a Smart Garage Door Opener?

Believe it or not, adding a smart garage door opener may not prove as difficult as what you think it will. Smart garage door openers will offer you convenience because of how you can remotely open the door, schedule an opening and closing or use voice control.

The smart controls will also offer a security feature where you never have to worry that you left home with the garage door wide open. Many thieves would see this and take advantage of it as an opportunity. You can also remotely open and close the door for delivery professionals to have your packages safely delivered.

Garage Door Opener Repair in Santa Clarita?

Whether lost or stolen, losing your garage door opener remote can be a serious issue. You want to take active measures against it to avoid interruption with your daily lifestyle. For example, keep a spare garage door opener replacement on hand, and it doesn’t hurt to keep spare batteries as well.

Be sure to delete the remote from the memory to ensure that no one can later use this against you to access the home. Any time your garage door remote goes missing, you should treat it as seriously as you would losing your keys. Every year, we open and close our garage doors thousands of times without thinking about it. It’s not until something interferes with that that it gets us to thinking.

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